Manifesto Cancer 2013

Here is my reaction and statement by Dr.Burzynski´s fight. Burzynski: Cancer Cure Documentary

We accuse some persons and lobbyists in the pharmaceutical industry of criminal behavior by the protection of their commercial interests causing indirectly the death of millions of people worldwide.

People whose life could have been saved if their access to extra means was not hindered or denied by the action of the accused.

About pharmaceutical products.
We demand the immediate removal of the dictatorship from the pharmaceutical industry endorsed by bribed official regulators overruling the function of medical providers and the related scientists.

About quackery.
In the same time we demand a severe control of firms which are selling products on line over the internet which are not scientifically proved by independent recognized and not biased research.

We claim the right from every individual in cooperation and under supervision of his or her licensed medical provider to CHOOSE the treatment their OWN illness.

By fulfilling of these demands we create the ability to eradicate 90% of the actual cancers.

On behalf of the actual cancer patients and in the name of those who didn’t make it

Prof. Guy Van Elsacker Dr.Sc.
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