From Cancer to Bodybuilder - Cancer survivor inspirational story (video)

Zach Zeiler did have cance, he did not give up, he fought it and he is the winner. "My three year body transformation from having cancer, to obtaining the physique of my dreams. I have been, and always will be 100% natural, meaning that I have, and never will take performance enhancing drugs such as steroids, testosterone, and other performance enhancing drugs. I do not currently compete in bodybuilding or physique shows, but I would like to one day. I hope this brings motivation, but I hope it also represents the value of life. I hope to help others in making them realize their potential. I love all of you for the support!!!"

Such satories are always inspiration and motivation for everyone. Everything is possible! Here is 5 minutes inspirational video about Zach`s story.

If you want to follow his YouTube channel you will find it HERE.

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