Our MICROBIOME - Living with bacteria

More than 100 Trillion bacteria, viruses and fungi living in our body The most of them are in our gut where the bacteria have a total weight bout 1.5 Kg The technical name of this army of companions is MICROBIOME Some scientist are describing our micro-biome as an independent "second brain "which works separately in co-operation with our normal brain.

The micro-biome regulates 70% of our immune system. It has a separate nerve system - the (Enteric Nervous System) or ENS which works apart but in cooperation with the brain in your head. This all to explain the gigantic importance of this "second brain" in the wall of our gut. 

Here we can start to understand how important our intestines and our nutrition are. If we disorganize the interaction between the different bacteria colonies in our gut we are introducing discomfort and illnesses. Not only physical but indeed also psychological disturbances will occur. In other words we make ourselves vulnerable for bad health and even bad mood. This micro-biome is even able to influence our genetic pattern. 
After this I like to come to the final lines. Eating is not only a system to stay alive and not die from hunger but a way to avoid to get ill. Wrong eating habits will bring you to a point where you have to deal with pharmaceutical rectifications. We don't need to wait till the moment is there we have to swallow pills and that we need to have a diet. 

The best way to avoid obesity - diabetes - and even cancer is to moderate your wrong eating habits. We should forbid sweets for children in the same way we go against smoking. Sugar containing products should have the same warning label as cigarettes. We are convinced that studying epigenetics can bring a solution for most of the actual health problems. 

In fact medical doctors should not belong to health care but to ill care. We ourselves can manage our health care with the help of scientists and nutritionists. 

Prof. Guy Van Elsacker Dr.Sc. 
Biomed Expert
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