The 90 Substances We Need Everyday

The human body need during his lifespan 90 substances to stay in optimal condition.Some of this substances are only needed in micro grams even not daily. Others need to be in grams and on a daily pattern.In detail we need 60 minerals and trace elements - 16 vitamins - 12 amine acids and 2 fatty acids. 

The actual nutrition chain has an overall loss of these substances over the last decennials from about 63%. Suplementation with vitamin/mineral pills is not always the sufficient solution due to a shortage of symbiosis between the substances to make uptake available.

In is obvious to say that this loss leads to a introduction of a lot of the so called civilized diseases.

The only solution lays in the consumption of certain herbs and greens. 

Prof. Guy Van Elsacker Dr.Sc.
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