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Thursday, 29 January 2015

The WHY between an Healthy and Unhealthy state

If we consider everything which can make the difference between illness - health and longevity we come to one major conclusion. In order to reach an high age in a good and acceptable quality of life we need to change certain habits.

This doesn't mean starting diets and/or heavy work-outs, but the full re-establishment of a balanced food intake together with a moderate daily movement. Our actual nutrition intake from the classical distribution chains is simply insuficient to maintain a quality health status. 

Supplementation done without knowledge only based on advertisements or on some internet information provided by a Dr. GOOGLE is most of all inacurate and in some cases even negative not to say dangerous. 

The majority of classical medical doctors are not enough aware about some nutrition + supplements and pharmaceutical drug interactions which can make an huge difference between the efficiency or the failure of their treatments. 
  • That's WHY we need a total novel approach of the whole.medical/health system.  
  • That''s WHY I strongly advocate for unbiased - non commercial - information units. 
  • That's WHY I try to etablish Medical Talk Units (MTUs) which combine Medical doctors - Pharmacologists - Nutritionists and Scientists around certain health/medical topics. 

There is a way to stay healthy and reach an old age without all kinds of nonsense. This can be done the same way we like to keep or car in a good condition. 

We should also apply the same system to maintain our body. This can be done if we create and accept the use of a teams of specialists (MTUs) 

 Prof. Guy Van Elsacker Dr.Sc.

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