Ontology in SciBuRDI project

The term ontology has its origin in philosophy and has been applied in many different ways. The word element onto- comes from the Greek ὤν, ὄντος, ("being", "that which is"), present participle of the verb εἰμί ("be"). The core meaning within computer science is a model for describing the world that consists of a set of types, properties, and relationship types. There is also generally an expectation that the features of the model in an ontology should closely resemble the real world (related to the object).
(Source: Wikipedia)

Why Ontology? 

What many departments / institutes and businesses do have common is the representation of entities, ideas, and events, along with their properties and relations, according to a system of categories? 

Philosophers are more concerned with principles, such as whether there are such things as fixed essences or whether entities must be ontologically more primary than processes. Are some ontological assumptions sometimes explicitly elaborated and explored? 

We are looking for the local situated volunteers (in science and also in business) who will become the "In Between" in the SciBuRDI project.

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