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"Business and science seem to be two separate and distant worlds. Business people and Scientists tend not to communicate effectively enough together and not to cooperate sufficiently together. Improvement of that communication activates and supports the mutual full potential of both sides: Science & Business."  

We call this concept SciBuRDI: 






Understanding the Potential 

To have a good understanding of the cooperation between universities and the business sector, we need to understand first the motivation of both sides, which leads to the common cooperation. First than we may fully understand the win-win benefits and importance of such cooperation.

Win - Win Benefits 

The win-win benefits of the cooperation between universities and private sector companies have been analyzed by many authors and can be summarized in the following points.

ELSACKER organisation team provides 

ELSACKER organisation organises for you Round tables, helps to support and organise Clubs and Conferences in the campuses of Universities, in Institutes and Research Centers where the commecial business partners may activelly present their solutions to interested specialists, work on case studies and share the knowledge to grow.

 "Science and Business in Synergy

Step 1) Science & Business Round tables 

Science & Business Round tables are moderated meetings. Round tables are here for the pre-cooperation phasis on the specific RDI topic or specific RDI problem the Scinece partners or the Business partner brings to the Round table. The Round table concept is for both The Science & Business partners the place for presentations and discussions of problems and possible sollution, education and for buildind the professional SciBuRDI relationships.

Step 2) Science & Business Clubs 

Science & Business Clubs bring on regular basis Science & Business partners together. Both sides present their RDI concepts, problems and sollutions to establish the basis and fundamentals for the future SciBuRDI Spin Off cooperation. ELSACKER organisation helps to establish and support the Clubs in three forms.


Step 3) Science & Business Conference 

The Science & Business Conferences brings once a year scientists and business people together to share their gained experience andso far reached achievements.

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