The difference between genetic manipulation and genetic repair / maintenance

During the former century the interest for the human body was concentrated to the function of all kind of organs. From the 90. of last century this interest did have a major shift to the cellular level. Actually this shift is more and more to the inner cellular reactions. More specifically to the nuclee(1) where or DNA is playing an important role.

After the mapping(2) of the total human genome some years ago we are looking now at genetics as the major target for health and healing. Unfortunately influencing the genetic code in non humans or plants was the target for commercially groups in the last decade. This genetic manipulation is under strong questionmarks now. This due to the uncertainty of the long term side effects.

Exceptions in genetic manipulation

Personally I have some exceptions where I can agree with the genetic manipulation f.e. creating special crops for diate purposes or as for diabetes, cancer, etc. (real life examples: fingerprintted(3) super brocolli or purple tomatoo).

Genetic maintenance and repair, but...

Genetic maintenace is something else to talk about. During the aging proces we lose the activity of some gens. Even worse some cells overturns, go wrong and create bad copies for new cells. Breaking the gen strains is the most common cause for the introduction of negative symptoms of the aging process. 

Or in another words: The copy machine of our cells gets dirty and makes incomplete or wrong copies. Cleaning this machine and or repairing the gen strains is in my opinion not genetic manipulation but genetic maintenance and or repair. We should not mix genetic manipulation with genetic maintenance/repair.

Turn over of our gens

As I mention it before: turn over of our genes is a slow down process with typical errors involved. This is in fact the natural aging process. Stopping this process or even bringing it in to reverse should also be considered as genetic maintenance. It should be in my opinion a part of a new approach - "transnational healthcate".

(1) nuclee is the core of a cell.
(2) mapping is bringing everything in one map which shows you the total genetic composition of the human body
(3) fingerprinting is bringing the crop to the origin
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