Do you really want to get healthier by restoring your diggestion that start with colon cleanser?

Psyllium keeps stool moving through your digestive tract and draws water into stool. Psyllium also stimulates your colon to keep stool moving at optimum speed! But that’s not all... Psyllium is also a godsend if you experience occasional diarrhea! That’s because psyllium also soaks up extra water to keep your stool firm as it makes its way out of your colon!

Bentonite Clay, also called Montmorillonite clay, helps “detoxify” your body and defend against illness. It's positive benefits have been put to use for centuries around the world in order to promote better health and ward off disease. 

Bentonite Clay benefits your body by helping to expel many of the toxins that we are exposed to numerous times every day. These toxins come from common products like cleaning supplies, low-quality unpurified water, pesticides that farmers use on our food crops… 

Due to it’s chemical structure, Bentonite clay essentially “seeks” toxins in the body to bind with and then remove these toxins, impurities and “heavy metals” from the gut, skin, and mouth that it is bound to. 

Black Walnut Hull has also been used in herbal medicine for thousands of years. It has been used throughout history for treatment of intestinal problems, snake bites, ulcers, scurvy and as one of the most effective laxatives available. It’s a good source of beta-carotene, acids, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, silicon, zinc, tannin, B-vitamins, and vitamin C. Black Walnut Hull is also considered a tonic that aids digestion and the intestinal system. Perhaps its most well-known property is its ability to fight intestinal parasites. 

The fiber in Oat Bran can keep you from becoming constipated by increasing the bulk of your stool and helping to keep it soft. In a Canadian study, researchers found that adding oat bran biscuits to the daily diet of patients produced a marked improvement in bowel frequency and consistency. You can become constipated if your diet is lacking in fiber.. By making sure you incorporate fiber into your day, accompanied by an adequate amount of fluids, you will help to prevent constipation by keeping your stool soft and easy to move. 

Flaxseed is an outstanding source of soluble fiber – this is the type of fiber that helps your digestive processes along. Flaxseed is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and they contribute to digestive regularity by lubricating your system. Omega-3s are anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is probably the cause of most of our problems and chronic conditions. 

Add as well Apple Pectin Powder, L. Acidophilus and Glucomannan Powder

Your Prof. Guy Van Elsacker, Dr.Sc.

Do you really want to get healthier by restoring your diggestion that start with colon cleanser? Do you really want to get healthier by restoring your diggestion that start with colon cleanser? Reviewed by MIRIDIA CZ on 23:09 Rating: 5

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