Microwave radiation leads to radical damage

Microwave radiation from cellphones, leads to free radical damage. Microwaves are linked to heart problems , anxiety, depression and Alzheimer’s.

  • EMF's Cellphone microwaves are much more damaging over time than originally estimated. Exposure to microwave radiation from cellphones, routers, cordless phones, smart meters, baby monitors and other wireless devices causes massive mitochondrial dysfunction due to free radical damage 
  • Excessive free radicals triggered by low-frequency microwave exposure from wireless technologies have been linked to cardiac arrhythmias, anxiety, depression, autism, Alzheimer’s, and more
  • Strategies against EMF exposures, that may helpful by reducing the harmful effects of EMFs include extra magnesium intake eating Nrf2-boosting foods* and highering molecular hydrogen
  • * Nrf2 stands for Nuclear factor like 2 - The main foods with a high enhancing potential are Broccoli - Carrots - Nuts - Grapes The over the counter supplements are in the first place: Reservatrol - Alpha lipoic acid and sulforaphane 

Your Prof. Guy Van Elsacker, Dr.Sc.,  Biomed Expert - Epigenetics
Independent research fellow for Epigenetics & stem cells
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