Prof. Guy Van Elsacker, Dr.Sc.

My name is Prof. Guy Van Elsacker, Dr.Sc., born a (too) long time ago I remember that as a kid I had a dream to change the world for the better. Unfortunately I’m not a kid anymore. The world changed but not really for the better. But I still have the dream. 

As a scientist you have the ability to bring something new. That’s what inspired me in my life. On top of that I seem to be enormously curious. My mother complained I didn’t stop asking questions. All this led to a life where scientific research was dominantly present.

Studying was for me a kind of a hobby - but believe me- I found still time for a beer, a joke and a laugh in a good company. Not mentioning the rest. My father had to stop me studying always new fields of specialization otherwise I probably was still a student.

On this moment I go for it in cancer research. I‘m convinced that if we share all existing knowledge about cancer this evil is a forgotten disease.

With my background in natural science and specialization in cross-talk of cells recently accomplished with some knowledge in the genetic field I only miss some pharmaceutical know how.

My actual goal is to bring people from different scientific fields together to create some “knowledge sharing” or expressed with a more fancy word Ontology. Since I focus on cancer I could bring the slogan: ONTOLOGY for ONCOLOGY. Thus the main reason I come to you is to support and endorse me. Every help even small information can be the trigger for a gigantic breakthrough. Just do it. I will appreciate it.

For those who wish to know more about me: Put my name in Internet and you have a wide choice of information but be warned do not believe everything they are mentioning there.

Thank you
Have a great time

Guy Van Elsacker
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